Download Tic Tac Toe Free For PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Tic Tac Toe Free For PC – It is a very simple game that all of us have played as kids to kill time. With the PC app available to play this wonderful game, you don’t even have to waste paper anymore. Optime Software had launched the game back in 2013 and ever since it has been a big hit. The game continues to remain one of the bestselling free games to ever be launched.

Just as on paper the game follows the same instructions. Get either three x’s or o’s in a line and win the game. It is as simple as that. The designers of the game have kept it very simple and it will make you reminiscence the time when you played this as a kid.

Features of Tic Tac Toe Free For PC

The game can be played either against the computer (a one player game) or even against another player (a two player game). If you do choose to play against the computer then there are three different difficulty levels; easy, med and hard. Choose the level which you think might match the skills that you possess. The game possesses the move randomization engine which prevents it from getting repetitive.


There are several different features which makes this game fun to play. The graphics of the game are enjoyable and the background score too is quite exciting. The names of the player can be configured in both single player and multiple player games and the score can be tracked as well. The game also features an undo function. The game gets saved automatically when you suddenly stop the game which you can later continue or exit.

Steps to download the app on PC

  1. To download the wonderful game of tic tac toe, you will first require an emulator. Bluestacks is an emulator which is preferred by most people. To download this emulator or any other of your choice, go to its official website and download the same. (for downloading bluestacks the official website is
  1. Once the emulator gets completely downloaded, open the same and search for tic tac toe using the search tool which is available on the homepage.
  1. Look for the game of your choice and when you do find it, download the same using the install button. The game will immediately begin downloading and once that is done, it will install itself automatically.
  1. When the game gets installed, open the section MyApps which is present on the homepage of the emulator Bluestacks and you will find the icon of the game there.
  1. When you click on the icon of the game it will open and you can start playing the game.

With the completion of the download process, you can play tic tac toe any time your heart desires and relive your childhood memories. So the next time you are getting bored standing in line or are tired of waiting on your kids, you can start playing the game and shoo the boredom away.