Rounds Video Chat App Download On Your PC – Easiest Way Do This

Rounds Video chat, call & text is probably one of the most fun apps that have ever been developed. You can enjoy free as well as unlimited text messaging, voice calls, photo sharing and lots more. Developed by Rounds Entertainment Ltd, the app has already become quite popular with a lot of users and number of downloads of the app is increasing by the day.

Rounds Video Chat

Features of the Rounds Video chat – To Gain Maximum video chat experience

The features that the app provides are virtually endless. You can now use the app to make free audio calls as well as video chat over LTE/4G, 3G and also Wi-Fi and considering the fact that all of this can be done completely free of cost you can now stay in contact with your loved ones at all times. The only requirement for the app is that you need to have a strong internet connection.

The quality of the video as well as audio has been highly improved and is being praised by all those who have made use of the app . Apart from making calls one on one, you can also make group video calls with absolute ease and you will find barely any problems while doing so.

You can also scribble onto the images of your friends and turn it into funny and quirky images. While you are video calling a friend, you can also play a video which can be viewed not just by you alone but also by the person you are on call with.

When none of your friends or family are online and if you are bored then there are also fun games that are available on this app which can help drive away the boredom. The games include but are not limited to Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Sky Tumble, Jungle Bungle etc.

Steps to download the Rounds Video Chat on your PC

  1. Since this app is designed to work on android phones and not on PC, you will first have to download the android emulator. There are several emulators that you can find online and one of the popular one is BlueStacks which you can download on to your PC. It will install automatically as well.
  2. Once you are done with downloading the emulator, open the same and in the search box type in ‘rounds video chat, call & text’. When you hit on enter, you will be shown the app.
  3. When you have found the app of your choice you can hit on the download button. When the app gets downloaded it generally installs itself right after. In case it doesn’t you can do so manually as well.
  4. When the app has been downloaded, you can open the emulator where you will find the app of your choice. Open the app and begin using the same.

Now that the app has been downloaded on to your PC, you can now contact all your friends as well as family completely free of cost.