Automatic Call Recorder For PC – Download On Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Appliqato has certainly come up with a clever app the ‘Automatic Call Recorder’. This app as the name suggests records your calls. There have been many a times when we have wished that we had recorded a call but with this app all of your calls get recorded but when it comes to saving then you get to choose the ones that get saved and the ones that are to be discarded.

Features of Automatic Call Recorder

The app Automatic Call Recorder gives you complete control over enabling or disabling the calls. You can even choose to record every one of your phone calls as well.

Playing the recorded audio is as simple as touching a button. You can play it back as many times as you wish to listen to it.

In case you no longer need some of the recorded conversations you can always delete them with a touch of a button.

You can also lock certain recorded items on your phone to prevent them from getting auto-cleaned. If you wish to share some or all of these recorded calls then you can do so with absolute ease.

Every time a call gets recorded, a confirmation dialog is displayed which asks you if you are willing to save the recorded conversation or not post which you can take your pick.

Steps to download the Automatic Call Recorder on your PC

  1. Before you begin to download the app onto your PC you will need an emulator which can help you use the app that is meant for Android platforms onto your PC. If you already have one then you can skip the next step and head straight to step 3.
  2. There are a number of emulators to choose from. You can make use of the internet to find the one that think is the best among the lot and download the same onto your PC. There are several free emulators and hence downloading one will not cost you a thing.
  3. Once you have an emulator downloaded onto your PC you will find that an icon representing the emulator would’ve appeared onto the desktop of your PC. Double click on the same to open it.
  4. When you have opened the emulator, click onto the search bar and type in Call Recorder post which you can hit on the search button.
  5. The search will give you a number of apps and you will have to choose the one that you intend on downloading from among the lot. Once you have chosen the app click on download to begin the downloading process.
  6. When the app has been downloaded and installed onto your PC you will have to open the emulator, go into the ‘in apps’ section and then click onto the app to begin using the same.

With the Call Recorder app downloaded onto your PC or maybe even an iPad, you can now record your calls as and when you desire.