Truecaller For PC / Laptops – Download On Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

A phone directory app, Trucecaller has been very popular with the smartphone users and now the same features can be made use of on your PC as well. Considering the fact that it has a large database, not to mention the fact that it has immensely useful features, Truecaller has turned into one of the most popular phone directory apps available. Lets find out how to download Truecaller For PC in this post.

A web version of Truecaller has been released but this does not provide all the features of the app and hence downloading the app using an Android Emulator App will let you make use of all the features coupled with the comfort of your PC or Laptop.

A preferred option among the masses to find the information regarding their callers, it can now be made use of on your PC as well.

Features of Truecaller

Truecaller is basically a large digital phone directory which lets you view names of callers including those from unknown numbers free of cost. Using this feature of a caller id, you can figure out not just the person who is calling you but also if the call is a spam.

Another feature that has made Truecaller very popular is its ability to let you block both calls as well as SMS from unwanted numbers. Whenever you receive a call from one of the blocked numbers, all they will hear is a busy tone.

Truecaller is an app that is very easy to understand as well as use. One thing that everybody needs to understand is that it works on the basis of ‘crowdsourcing’. This means that you need to hand over all of your contacts onto Truecaller. This is the method using which the database of Truecaller is expanded and hence the service remains very accurate.

The premium version of the app lets you view additional details like photo of the person holding the number and also the email id apart from the above mentioned reviews.

Steps to download TrueCaller For PC

  1. Prior to downloading this app on your PC, you will need to download an emulator. You can choose from one of the many emulators that are available online. Search for emulators and then choose one that you like. BlueStacks, a free emulator, seems to be a preferred choice among most users.
  1. Once the emulator is completely installed, you will find that windows begins to restart automatically.
  1. When the restarting is done with, open the emulator and search for the app Truecaller.
  1. Once you have located the app of your choice, hit on download. You will see that when your app downloads completely, it begins to install by itself. In case it doesn’t install on its own, you can do it manually step – by – step.
  1. When the entire download process is done with, you can simply open the app and begin chatting or making video calls.

So now that you have Truecaller on your PC, Laptop, iPad or wherever it is you download it, you will receive no unscreened calls anymore.