Kik Messenger For PC – Download Kik On Windows 8.1, 10

Released back in 2010, Kik is one of the best messenger services that makes conversing with your friends and family a lot more convenient. The only thing that you really need for the smooth running of the app is that your PC should have a strong internet service to make sure that the messages are sent in that very instant. Here are features and procedure to download Kik Messenger for PC.

Kik Messenger Features

Possibly the best feature of Kik among all the features that it possesses is that it is absolutely free. However there are in app purchases which can be made if you choose to purchase the stickers. Another big advantage of using the app is that there are no pop up adds to interrupt and irritate you while you are chatting away.

The app has no limits onto how many messages are being sent or received from and to both your family and friends.

Creating a group chat on Kik is very simple as well. All you really need to do to create a group is tap onto the contacts who you would like to include in your group.

Like most messengers Kik too lets you set your own status which you can change as per your convenience. Your friends can know if you are busy, want to chat, simply bored etc. You can also find out which of your friends are online when you view their profile.

There is a very impressive list of stickers that are available on Kik. You can use these stickers to make the conversation a lot more fun. The only drawback is that the stickers aren’t free, you will have to buy them.

Once you have sent a message to your friend using Kik, you can know if the recipient has received the message, read it or hasn’t even see it. This helps in keeping track of the recipients who have seen your messages.

Unfortunately Kik does not let you send any audio or video messages. You can only send text messages using this app.

Steps to download Kik Messenger on PC

  1. Before you download the app Kik, you will need an emulator. Scour the internet to figure out which on according to you is the best one and download the same. The emulator should download and install itself automatically. Once installed, you can see the app on your desktop.
kik messenger for pc
  • Double click on the emulator icon and type in the name of the app that needs to be downloaded ‘Kik’ in
  • its search box. Hit the enter button after this.
  • You will find a list of outcomes. Choose the appropriate app that needs to be downloaded and download it.
  • The process of downloading the app begins and then the app tends to install itself automatically. In case the app doesn’t automatically install, you can do so manually.
  • Once the app has been downloaded, you can open the same from inside the emulator and use it to chat away with your loved ones.

With Kik, messaging your loved ones just got a lot more convenient.