Superbeam For PC – Download Free On Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & Mac Laptops

Storage of data as well as transfer of data has seen a drastic change in the decade that has gone by. Had these developments not taken place, transferring data at such a high speed would have been unimaginable. Developed to work on several mobile operating systems, Superbeam makes sharing files between devices that much simpler. The fact that these files are shared at very high speeds is an added advantage. This spectacular application lets you share all sorts if files with absolute ease. In this post lets see how you can get SuperBeam For PC for free.

This application powered by LiveQoS pairs devices using QR codes, manual key sharing or NFC post which the files are transferred using the Wi – Fi.

Features of SuperBeam For PC

The files are transferred using this app at very high speed which ranges between 7 Mbps to 11 Mbps which is more than sufficient to transfer the files considering the fact that it can be done using wireless mode as well. If you make use of a Wi-Fi, the speed also depends on the data speed as well.

SuperBeam For PC

To pair the devices, all that needs to be done is scanning of the QR code. There is no requirement of entering of codes, as in Bluetooth.

Port 8080 is made use of for transferring of all kinds of files which gives you great compatibility even on restricted Wi-Fi networks. It allows for transfer of all sorts of files like APK, videos, photos, zip files etc with no restriction whatsoever.

Steps to SuperBeam For PC

Being one of the few apps which allow you to transfer insanely large files at immensely high speeds, it has become a necessity for all. The app can be downloaded in one of the following two methods.

Method I

Superbeam has an official PC version which was released some time ago. All you need to do is serach for it online and directly hit on download.

Method II

In a situation where you may have experienced some difficulty in downloading the app directly, then you can do so using the following steps.

  1. Install an emulator like Bluestacks, Andyroid etc. You can look for these online and download one of the emulators which are available completely free of cost.
  1. When the download of the emulator is completed, open the same. Go to the search box that is made available in the emulator.
  1. Now enter the name of the required box in the search box – in this case Superbeam.
  1. In case you do not find the required app by directly searching for it, you may have to sign in using your gmail account and then continue your search.
  1. When you find the app that you are looking for, click on install. This will begin the download and installation process of the app.
  1. To open the app that has been downloaded, open the emulator app and then open the app which you need.

With the download of Superbeam for PC, transferring of heavy files should no longer be a problem.