AVG AntiVirus Free For PC – Android Virus Cleaner 2020 For PC / Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / Mac

AVG AntiVirus Free is the necessity that keeps your android device safe from any virus or malware threat. Whether you use it mainly for recreational purposes or for professional tasks- the installation of Anti Virus will make the journey secured and hassle-free.

AVG AntiVirus Free For PC Features

Right now, over 1 billion people are using this app on their android devices. So from there, you can get a fair idea about its satisfactory services. The diverse product bouquet of AVG AntiVirus Security keeps your device free from any- virus attack, spyware, suspicious text messages, malware, dubious URLs and another form of cyberattacks.

In this day of extensive online shopping and intense social networking sites usage- your device remains vulnerable from cyber threats. With this app- shop, chat, share photos at your heart’s content.

If you keep downloading apps all the time, they slow down your device considerably. AVG AntiVirus and Anti-theft Security speed up the performance of your phone notably. Not only that, apart from apps; any slighter altercation in the settings, files and media comes under its protection net.

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Every user feels vulnerable when his phone gets lost or is stolen. With this app, you will get easy access to Google Maps- which can give you the power to locate your phone. Even if your phone remains on the silent mode, this app tracks it down via making it ring.

This app accelerates the performance of the phone by uprooting the unwanted apps or dislocating the games. This process also expands the storage space of the SD card.  It keeps tab on the power consumption of the battery- thus lengthening its longevity. Most of us tend to forget when our 3G/4G data plan usage expires. AntiVirus Security will keep the user on the loop- by notifying the expiry date.

Through this app, you can lock your mobile phone/ other android device any time you want. And being password protected, it will open only when you will use it. Also this app provides you with the control to wipe confidential data, if you are lending the device to someone else. You are safe from phishing via this app.

This app presents an array of services like App Lock, App Blocker, Call and Message Blocker on 30-day trial basis.

Steps to download the AVG AntiVirus Free For PC on PC

  1. In order to install it on your PC, you need to download an emulator first. If your PC doesn’t have it already, then do a Google search. You will get multiple free emulators. Pick one after knowing its features.
  2. Once the emulator is downloaded automatically on your PC, you should open it by double-clicking. Then head towards the ‘search’ bar and type the name of ‘AntiVirus Security’ app.
  3. Once the pertinent name pops-up, start downloading it on the PC. The app must start automated downloading.
  4. When the downloading is done, you will get to access to it from inside the emulator. The ‘in apps’ segment of the emulator will guide you towards it.

With AntiVirus Security- browsing, playing and watching on your mobile phone become all the more safer and effortless.