Truedialer For PC – Download on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Truedialer is another great app launched by the makers of the already famous Truecaller. It is without a doubt a great replacement to the old stock dialer app which can be found on Android and yes these are quite rare to find as well. This very useful app is currently available for Windows and Android phones.

Truecaller has managed to gather a very large database comprising of numerous phone numbers which it has accumulated from its 85 million strong users. When you type in the phone number, Truedialer goes on to seamlessly search through your entire contact list as well as the billion number strong database from Truecaller and then provides you with the relevant information (like name, mail, picture etc) about the person whose number you are dialling. The app allows you to save this information right into your phonebook if you choose to do so in case you need to use the information later.

Truedialer and Truecaller work hand in hand. Truecaller warns you regarding the incoming spam and on the other hand Truedialer warns you regarding the known spammer while you are dialling the phone number.

Features of Truedialer

The app lets you search automatically for all the information about the number that you are dialling. The app checks your contact list and also the database of Truecaller to get you this information.

The app has the ability to fill in this information taken from the database automatically into your call log. This completely eliminates the guesswork that we get into when find an unknown number in our call log.

In case you are about to dial a number which has been reported to be a spam on Truecaller’s community then you will be warned about the same.

This easy to use app is available to both Windows as well as Android phones completely free of cost and now the same features can be available in your PC as well. The only requirement for the usage of this app is a strong internet connection.

Steps to download Truedialer on PC

  1. The basic requirement that needs to be fulfilled before downloading any android app on your PC is to download an emulator. Choose one from the many that are available online and download the same.
  2. When the emulator has been downloaded, you will find that there is an icon of the emulator present on your desktop. Double click on the same to launch the emulator.
  3. In the search bar, type in the name of the app that you are looking to download (in this case Truedialer).
  4. Choose the app that you intend on downloading and click on the download button to begin the process. Apart from downloading the app it will automatically install the app as well.
  5. Once the entire process of installation is done with, you can open the go the apps section of the emulator and begin using the app.

Once you are done with downloading this app, you smart phone will become a lot smarter.