WeChat For PC – Download On Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Even though there are a large number of apps that facilitate the exchange of free texts and calls, WeChat has managed emerge as one of the leaders in this section. In fact, this instant messaging application is soon emerging to be a strong competitor of the most popularly used application, WhatsApp! This increasing popularity is primarily due to the large number of unique and exciting features that the application possesses. These features have managed to draw a large number of users in the past, and continue to do so!

Now, considering the widespread popularity of the application, it is in great demand for use in Smartphone devices as well as personal computers. The application is, however, unavailable for direct download in personal computers. Therefore, in order to use the application on a personal computer running on Windows or Mac operating system, you would need to use an Android emulator. Here, we will talk about the various features of the WeChat application for making free calls and send texts for free. Following that, I will also tell you how to download and install the application for use on a personal computer.

Features of the WeChat For PC application for free calling and messaging

The WeChat application is a great one for communication with your near and dear ones at all times, as it allows you to send and receive free text messages for free at all times. The application also features a powerful user interface, which is simple and easy, yet elegant! Using the application, you can not only chat with your friends and loved ones through chat messages, but also communicate with them through the exchange of voice messages, pictures, videos, etc. Apart from that, WeChat also allows you to conduct group chat sessions, where you can converse with a number of people in your contact list.

Using the WeChat application, you can not only add your friends to the contacts list, but also search for your friends using their WeChat IDs or even their phone numbers. The application also features the capability to locate a WeChat user in case they are already present in contact list of your cellular phone. The applications also allows clear voice and video calls that will help you to communicate with your loved ones with little difficulty. The privacy feature of the application, however, is exquisite as it protects your information from unwanted users.

How to download and install the WeChat application of your PC?

As has already been mentioned earlier, you will need an Android emulator in order to use WeChat on your PC as the application is not yet available for use of computers. Hence, you can download and install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC, and search for WeChat using the search tool. Once you have located the application, download it on your PC and run the application. When you have done that, the application will start to install. Complete the installation by following the instructions on the screen. When installed, start the application from the My Apps page of Bluestacks application, and connect to all your loved ones from any part of the globe!