Coursera For PC (Windows 7/8/8.1) Mac Computer

Hey buddies! Today I’m sharing a guide to download Coursera for PC. I have tested this guide and so, if you have a windows computer, these guidelines will work in your device without any extra rates. My guide will go simple as always and it will also ensure that your installation is smooth, glitch free and fast as well.

Apart from sharing the guidelines for download, I will also share a few features of this educational app. So, in this way you will get to grasp a better and way sounder perception about the app. Check out these features in order to grasp an insight over the app.

Features of the Coursera App

Many had been waiting for the grand launch of the Coursera app. In fact, this app promises a series of features that lets you realize how viable and well featured this application actually is. The Coursera app is available in both windows and Android platform thereby letting you enjoy an exhilarating performance from both.

This application is basically an educational app which will let you browse along 600 courses under as many as 20 different subjects. So, be it mathematics, music or medicine, this course will surely work wonders for each of the given option. Even though, most of these courses are available for free, you might have to pay for a few of them.


The most remarkable feature of the app is its user interface. In fact, this interface is absolutely simple and elegant thereby letting you enjoy the best app browsing experience ever. In fact, you will experience no major hassles or glitches while using this app. Your questions are answered quickly and competently by the various adept professionals.

The fourteen different languages of this application also lets you check stuff in your own language. This is one of the major advantages, which makes the coursera app a perfect bid for all academic enthusiasts. The application also comes with an online browser with the facility of offline viewing. Besides this, the viable download manager redefines your experience of using this app. So, download coursera for PC and enjoy the most viable experience from the app.

Downloading the Coursera app

In this section I will be sharing the details of installation of the coursera app. Read along, to grasp a better insight on these easy and simple guidelines.

  1. In order to download coursera for PC you have to download the Bluestacks app before anything else.
  2. Right after the download, you have to get the software package installed, by following the set of instructions provided with the app.
  3. As soon as the installation is over, start the software and look for the cousera app with the search tool. In this way, you get access to this app quickly and easily.
  4. Finally click on the option called install in order to get the app downloaded and installed aptlyin your PC.

So, as we see downloading and installation this app on your PC is no big hassle if you follow my set of given instructions.