Word Search For PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1)

App Drac has recently launched Word Search, the age old puzzle which we all enjoyed solving in the newspapers. Now you can do that on your PC anywhere anytime. Ever since its launch in January of 2015, it has been nothing but appreciated by people. There are minor errors here and there in the game but it is mostly fun to play with. It has been dubbed as the best auto – generated search application available out there.

Features Word Search For PC

The game offers seven different categories to choose from: kids, historical figures, American presidents, cities of the world, countries of the world, trademarks and animals. The game offers three different difficulty levels: easy, medium and difficult. You can choose the difficulty level you are comfortable with and play away.

Apart from the difficulty level the game also has variety in self generation method. There are two different varieties: the first kind is where the board gets filled with the maximum words which can fit in. the second method is where the board gets filled with the proportional number of word with respect to the size.


The game is available in six different languages: Portuguese, French, Italian, English, Spanish and Catalan. The game is ready to be played the minute it gets downloaded. All you need to do is track down the words and mark them in different colors.

The game calculates your scores and stores the best score as well to let you compete against yourself to obtain a new high score. In case you have to leave the game mid way, you can always come back and continue it as and when possible.

Steps to download the app on PC

Now that you known what the game entails and how exciting it can get, it is only natural to tell you the different steps involved in downloading this fun yet mind sharpening game.

  1. Since the game does not have a PC version, you will need an android emulator like Andy or Bluestacks. Although there are several different kinds of emulators available, most experts recommend Bluestacks. This emulator is free of charge and can be downloaded from its official website at Bluestacks.com. The download and installation is fast and easy.
  2. When the download of the emulator is completed and installed, open the emulator and using the search tool find the game of Word Search.
  3. This search will throw out several options. Choose the one that you would like to download and hit the download button.
  4. The game will start downloading and will also automatically install on your PC.
  5. You will find the icon of the game in the emulator, click open the icon and start playing the game.

Downloading the game is a very simple and quick process. With this game on your PC you can start training your brain and making it sharp. Now you can enjoy the fast paced game with the whole family and have a great time.