Download 9th Dawn II For PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1)

Being sequel to the Silver Award winner 9th Dawn, the 9th Dawn II is obviously set up to deliver sheer joy and entertainment. With the RPG style game your mission is to return to the world of Vayle for reclaiming Caspartia’s land. On your way in the game you’ll come across lots of quests, classless progression, new abilities and spells, a crafting system, and a more interactive world than you get to see in the first installment.

The game integrates a cross-platform co-op multiplayer so it becomes simple to play game between Android, PC and iOS devices with your friends.

Game highlights

With 9th Dawn II you get to explore a rich and huge world. At the game you make your way across dense jungles, deep caverns, besieged towns and ancient ruins. From the frigid glaciers of the northern regions to the southern sands, you need to engage yourselves in a battle with unsavory figures and dreaded monsters that are basically obstacles in your path.

Since many years, your home place and its people have been the victims of the brutality and might of the Hydra Dragon. You’re now standing between the precipice of a new dawn, but your actions will ultimately decide mankind’s fate and whether the new dawn will rise and shine upon your glorious town Caspartia or not.

Along the way puzzles need to be taken on cautiously along with deadly platforms with large depths. You can manipulate your foes by learning and casting magic spells.

You get to collect vast range of loot items, armors and weapons from different giant monsters. The people whom you meet with, the decisions which are made and the adventures that you’re sharing will help you in shaping the world’s future where you’re living.

The 2nd game in the series requires you to Delve once more inside the rich land of Caspartia, in a time when humanity’s greatest threat is being faced. You set out in a world on a perilous journey for aiding the reclamation of the birthplace and the home of a thriving and glorious nation.

Download 9th Dawn II on your PC

  • It’s vital to look out and download an efficient emulator for your PC to use Android applications and games on your PC. Try searching for the Bluestacks for your PC and download it from its official website.
  • Follow the steps you see on screen for installing the Bluestacks emulator on your screen.
  • After the emulator gets installed on your PC open the Google Play Store homepage on your browser. Type in “9th Dawn II” inside the search box you see on the homepage.
  • You’ll see a number of links on the screen. Click on any of these to begin the installation procedure.
  • After the game is installed you’ll see an icon on the homepage. Click on the icon and start playing.

The retro style RPG game promises to deliver lots of fun to gaming enthusiast and provides a number of challenging situations to face. Before you think on purchasing the whole game it’s much better to buy the trial version that you can find on the Google Play Store.