Race The Traffic Moto For PC – Download On (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Developed by Skgames, Race the Traffic is a game which packs a punch in just 19 MBs. The game is quite impressive and provides the player with a fun choice to kill time. Ever since its launch, the game has been relatively popular with gamers who like games built around racing.

The aim of the game is very simple; drive the bike as fast as possible while dodging the cars that come your way. But its simplicity is the thing which makes the game so very addictive.

Features of Race the Traffic Moto

The game provides some of the most popular bike models in the world for you to ride on in the game. The game focuses very much on racing and so do not expect the traffic to get easy on you. The more you ride, the more interesting the game gets and it keeps driving you to get the highest score.

There are three different levels to choose from and the 3D graphics are quite sharp making the game even more fun to play. There are several different options regarding where you would want to ride your bike. There’s city, forest, outskirts, snow, bridge and mountain.

These amazing graphics are complemented perfectly by the sound effects which lets you experience the thrill of real life racing.

There are three things that you can control in the game while, steering, acceleration and brakes.

Probably the best feature of the game is that the bike comes equipped with nitro and you can get a nitro boost when required. Overtaking the vehicles gets that much easier when you use a nitro boost and reach maximum speeds. Besides, you can get the bikes to improve on their performance.

A feature added in the new version of the game is the wheelie. Every time you activate the nitro, the bike takes up a wheelie stance. Some minor problems experienced in the previous versions have been corrected in the new one.

Controlling the bike is something you will get used to very fast since it is extremely simple.

Although it comes with so many positive features, there are areas which need some improvements. When the game is being played at high speeds the animation tends to slow down and lags a little. Also, the scenes gets a little repetitive when being played for a long time.

Steps to download Race The Traffic Moto on PC

  1. Bluestacks is a preferred emulator when playing the android games. So first download and install this software.
  2. Once Bluestacks is installed, search for the Moto Racing.apk file in the search box of the emulator.
  3. When you find the required app to be downloaded hit enter and get the required file on your PC.
  4. You will find an icon on the homepage, click on it and install. It will launch the app which you can now enjoy on your computer.

So strap on a helmet and burn those tires for some high speed thrill ride. You will not have one single dull moment.