Clash Of Clans For PC

Clash of Clans is designed and developed by Supercell, a company based out of Finland. It is an online game which involves multiple players. It was first released for an iOS platform back in 2012 and due to increased demand about a year later another version of it was released for the Android platform.

The game was found to be popular among the gaming circles of the world from the very first week and took the world of gaming by storm. Ever since, it has found loyal players numbering in millions all across the world who play the game religiously.

In this article you will find the guidelines to download this game on your PC without facing any hassles.

Features of Clash Of Clans For PC

If you are trying to decide on downloading the game then here is the complete information of the game.

This game has it all, from wizards to large moustached Barbarians. If you have wondered about what it feels like to be a leader of the clan, then this game will show you exactly the same.

You can build your own village, raise your own money and fight against the army of other rival players. It allows you to join the clans of other players to form an ultimate clan which you can use to destroy the clans of your enemies.

The game is free and so you do not have to pay anything to download it but if you want to you can purchase items for your game with some real money. The game requires the players to be of 13 years or above. Internet connection is a compulsory requirement as the game involves people from all across the world.

The graphics in the game are excellent and it comes with some amazing background score to go along with it, hence making the game a lot more interesting.

At any point while playing the game if you feel like needing some help, you can request a friend to pull you through it.

Steps to download the app on PC

  1. An emulator is the most important software required before you can download an Android app. There are a number of emulators like Andyroid, Bluestacks, Mobizen etc. Download any one of these.
  2. Once you have downloaded the software, install it.
  3. Once you are done installing it, open the homepage where you will find the Google Play Store. In the search bar, type in “Clash of Clans” and hit search. You will see a number of results.
  4. Click on any one of the links. Once it opens, click on download. Once the app gets downloaded click on install.
  5. Double click on the icon of the game which you will find on the home page and start playing the game.

It doesn’t take long for the game to be installed but it is guaranteed to be loads of fun. So go ahead, build your army and expand your territory.