Flow Free For PC

Flow Free’ is a game that can be categorized in the logic genre. It was developed by the game studio Big Duck, back in July 2012. It was and still is considered to be one of the best games on Android. After being a bit hit on the Android platform it was released on iOS and found the exact same kind of reception.

Anybody who loves puzzles is bound to be mesmerized by Flow Free. The concept of the game is very simple. There a few colored dots strewn about and all that is expected of the player is to join the same colored dots and complete the level. The game gets a lot more complicated as you keep moving up the levels.

Features of Flow Free

The makers knew that the player would never get tired of playing the game and hence have equipped it with more than a 1000 different puzzles for the player to clear. It comes in both free play as well as time trial mode. The game is quite colorful and this is not at all surprising considering that the entire puzzle is based on connecting the dots of the same colors.

Flow Free

The levels range from a very relaxed and simple type to the more complicated and challenging kind. There are occurrences of bridges in a few levels which may throw you off your game and will spoil the pace with which you’ve been clearing the levels.

There are some tricky levels which do appear to be easy but will keep you scratching your brain regarding how to clear it.

The grids in the game do not seem as a threat during the initial levels but will make the game both harder as well as interesting at higher levels. The overall graphics is pretty neat and the controls that are needed for the game are just a simple touch and swipe.

Steps to download the Flow Free game on PC

  1. In case you do not already have an app player then you will have to download one. Bluestacks seems to be a preferred option in this regard. Install this software and restart your computer.

(If you already have this software or some other in this category then skip step 1 and straight away jump to step 2).

  1. Click on the Bluestacks icon which you will find on the desktop and open it.
  1. In the search bar, type Flow Free and click enter.
  1. You will find a number of games along with the one that you require. Choose the one you would want to download and click on install.
  1. Once it gets completely downloaded on your PC, click on My apps on the Bluestacks dashboard and click on the icon of the game to start playing it.

There is no doubt that the game is fun, interesting and mind boggling, but beware of how addictive it can get. So much so that you are guaranteed to lose the track of time once you start playing this wonderful game.