Download Dr. Driving For Your PC / Laptop

If racing games are all that keeps you going, the Dr. Driving game will truly amuse you. This is one of those classic racing games with some unpredictable and innovative twists. The basic idea of the game is to drive a red colored car on a road full of traffic. But wait! That’s not all! The car which you’ve got to drive may not have proper controls. So, you have to drive the car and swerve it along a street full of traffic. The idea of the game is indeed very exciting and innovative. You will definitely love playing it. Now, the Dr. Driving game is generally available in the Android Platforms. However, with our guidelines mentioned here you can also get it downloaded on your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP or Mac PC. The game will offer you an exhilarating and awesome experience.

Features of the Dr. Driving game

The Dr. Driving game comes loaded with some exciting and innovative features. The game apparently looks pretty basic; however, it is extremely difficult to score in it. In fact, with the constant tweaks in the controls, it becomes quite a tough job playing and scoring in the game. Nevertheless, the impeccable game play and the superb graphics take the Dr. Driving Game to an entirely new level.

The main idea of the game is control the steering and the brakes of the car. This itself; turns out to be a tough job because of the quick-changing controls of Dr. Driving. However, it is definitely an exhilarating experience to cross through the busy streets and swerve through the traffic.

The game has very basic graphics, yet with the superb interface, the gaming experience is redefined like never before. The sound effects too are relatively good and they perfectly sync with the features and the basic backdrop of the game. To add to the fun, you’ve got some extremely stunning viewing angles in this game.

Dr Driving supports the Google+ platform. Thus, you can always share your series of achievements here. Apart from that, you can also play this game with your real buddies in Google plus. All in all, if you want to enjoy an extremely stunning gaming experience, the Dr. Driving game can be a great option.

How to download Dr. Driving for PC?

You can download the Dr. Driving game in your PC, simply in a few easy steps. Take a look.


  • Begin by downloading the Bluestacks software on your PC. This software is available for free.
  • Now, install the software and use the search tool in it to locate the Dr. Driving game.
  • Finally, download and install the game to enjoy a racing experience like ever before.

Dr. Driving will hardly take a few minutes to be downloaded. It is fun and easy to play and the impeccable graphics make the game even more enticing. So, simply follow these viable guidelines to get the game downloaded in your PC without any hassle at all.