Download Ninjump Dash For PC (windows 7, 8, 8.1)

Ever since Back Flip Studios released NinJump Dash this year, the people from the gaming community are raving about it and they are all praise for the game. It is a multiplayer racing game played in real time. The player’s alter ego as the name suggests is a Ninja and it can do anything and everything that Ninja’s are believed to do.

The game has been launched on 5th January of 2015 and so it still remains to be seen if it will turn into a big hit, but so far people who have played the game have rated it quite well in all sectors of the game. The gaming community of NinJump Dash is pretty active and there is always a game going on. Hence joining a game is never hard.

Ninjump Dash For PC

Features of NinJump Dash

Each race happens to be very quick both to start and to play. This ensures that you can achieve something substantial pretty quickly. The left hand corner of the screen will show the power ups that have been activated by the player while the right hand corner dictates the jump.

The power ups will give the Ninja a speed boost or will increase the number of projectiles that can be flung at the opponents. The power ups are also very important for grabbing the top spot. It does get irritating when the player in front of you gets a rocket or when you are slowed down by others. Each game roughly takes about a minute to finish and so the results can be seen very quickly.

As you play more, you begin to level up. This motivates you to play more. The level ups are also used to unlock new abilities and can be activated at the beginning of any game. Although getting a hang of the game is easy, mastering the several tactics takes quite some time. There are several fun outfits available to dress up your character.

All in all the game can be fairly entertaining. It is always fun trying to grab the lead and trying to slow down absolute strangers. It gives a sense of accomplishment considering that the players compete against people from all across the world.

Steps to download Ninjump Dash For PC

  1. Download an app known as Bluestacks from its official website. If you already have one of these then you do not have to download it again.
  2. Double click on the file that has been downloaded to install the same (follow the instructions shown).
  3. Open the software and type in the name of the game and click on Find.
  4. A number of games will be displayed, find the one that you have been looking for and click install.
  5. A few minutes later the Bluestacks home page will have the icon of the game which you can click to start the game.

The game is fun but can be more fun when you gather a bunch of friends and compete against each other.