My Talking Tom For PC / Laptop Free Download

If you’re looking for a fun, exciting and interactive app, Talking Tom app can be your answer. Yep! This is one of those apps that’ll keep you entertained throughout the day. Developed by the Outfit7 developers this application is originally for Android devices. However, with our quick and easy guidelines you can also download the app for your Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and MAC PC. We’ve also provided a list of features of Talking Tom, to help you out. So keep reading for a quick and complete insight on this wonderful application.

Features of the Talking Tom App

The Talking Tom App comes with some exciting and unique features. The most remarkable feature of the app is its proper customization with the tastes of the users. Right from the very beginning, when the game starts, you will find, cute little Tom whom you’ve got to feed, pet and lull to sleep. Every time you play with him, Tom grows in size. So this game has a more interactive appeal about it.

The graphics and the sound effects of the game are downright awesome. The cute little Tom will hear anything that is being said around the device and will repeat it accordingly. An impeccably funny tone is created when Tom repeats the words. So it is indeed fun watching him talk and create fun all around him.


Apart from the basic game, Talking Tom also comes with a series of mini games that are even more fun and exciting. So, you can always play some innovative and interactive games with the Talking Tom app. Flappy Tom is one such game that comes along with the Talking Tom and it is extremely fun and exciting.

The entire idea of feeding Tom, putting him to sleep and even taking him to the toilet can be fun and engaging. In fact, if you’re tired of the same old, boring apps which have hardly any interaction, Talking Tom can be a great option. This application will never let you feel down or bored. It is super fun and is packed with excitement and awesomeness.

How to download the Talking Tom app for your PC?

Downloading the Talking Tom app in your Pc is no big hassle at all, especially if you have any Android emulator software in hand. Read on, for a quick guideline on how to download this application.

  • Look out for the Andy Emulator app. This app is available for free. Find this app and download it.
  • After getting the download done, install the app by clicking on the (.exe) file that comes along with it.
  • As soon as the software is ready, enter your Google ID, Password and log in. The Setup will start out automatically and you’ll soon see an Android tablet interface before you.
  • After this, look out for the Google play store in the Andy app. Here, you’ll find the Talking Tom app.
  • Click on the app, download it, install it and enjoy the best out of it.

Well, that was an extremely simple procedure to look out for the Talking Tom app and download it on your PC. Follow these guidelines to download the app and enjoy an engaging and exciting time with it.