Cut The Rope Full Free For PC – Free Download on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10

Cut the Rope will get you hooked onto it. The game is fun, but it isn’t just another brainless game. It is based on innovative physics gameplay. It makes you think, and figure out how to solve each puzzle that comes your way.

The game possibly has the cutest character of all, Om Nom. Your job in each level is to make sure, that you get the candy straight into Om Nom’s mouth, while dodging spikes, spiders etc. You will also have to collect golden stars while doing so.

Some of the levels are pretty simple to play. The tougher levels make you try harder, since it simply breaks your heart to watch Om Nom sad when he loses the candy.

Features of Cut The Rope Full Free

The game begins with Om Nom being delivered in a package. After opening the package you can begin playing the game with Om Nom. There are 17 such boxes and all in all, 425 levels. What is interesting is that the game is based on the laws of physics. The fact that there is science involved in the game, does not make it boring at all.

Each box has a completely different concept to be applied. Sometimes there are spiders to escape from, sometimes its spikes and what not. There are also helpful props in the game like the bubbles which help the candy rise up or bouncers which makes the candy bounce. The graphics of the game are outstanding.


All of these interesting facts about the game haven’t gone unseen. The game has won several awards including but not limited to GDC Award, BAFTA Award, Best App Ever Award.

It is not just the games that you should look forward to, there’s also animation shorts of Om Nom which are probably the most adorable thing that you have laid eyes on.

Steps to download Cut The Rope Full Free onto your PC

This adorable game is fun irrespective of which device you play it on. If your choice of device is the PC, then you will need an emulator.

  1. Look for free android emulators on the internet. You will find several of them like Andy, BlueStacks etc. Choose one of these and download it on your PC.
  2. When you are done with downloading the emulator, open the icon of the same and in the search box, type ‘Cut The Rope Full Free’ and hit enter.
  3. You will be shown several different options with reference to the name mentioned in the search box.
  4. Choose the game that you have been looking for and download the same onto your PC.
  5. If the game does not install on its own after downloading, follow the step by step instructions in order to install it.

Now that the installation of the game is done with, open the emulator and look for the game in the ‘my apps’ section. Once you begin playing the game with the very adorable Om Nom, it will be impossible to stop doing so.