Marble Legend For PC Download Windows (7, 8, 8.1,10)

Marble Legend has been very popular with gamers. Thousands of them have downloaded this free game and enjoyed playing it. Easygame released the latest version of the game on January of 2015. They have already seen hundreds of thousands of downloads and people are all praise for the game.

People have even claimed to have seen an improvement in their hand to eye coordination. Probably one complaint that several gamers seem to have is that it is far too sensitive. Sometimes the marbles shoot out when you are just trying to aim it. If you have played Zuma then understanding this game is no problem at all because the game works along the same lines. All you need to do is shoot three colored balls in a row to burst them. This way you will have to empty the entire set of colored balls.

Features of the game

The game will keep you hooked for a very long time. It has about 145 levels and the gamers who have tried the game and completed all the levels just can’t get enough of it. They are requesting for more levels to be added to the game. It has two different modes for you to try: the adventure mode and the challenge mode.

There is also a legendary treasure which you stand to receive but for that you will have to survive about six different secret scenes and these need to be carried out in the adventure mode. On completion of every level in the challenge mode, you receive stars. Based on the performance in the game you will receive 1, 2 or 3 stars.

The game is very easy to learn but it does get a little hard to master. Trying to grab all three stars in every single level proves to be a challenge on its own. There are several different combinations and power ups which you can achieve and hence boost your score.


Steps to download the app on PC

  1. To download this wonderful game of Marble Legend, you’ll first need an emulator. There are several different emulators in the market to choose from like Bluestacks, ClassicBoy, Nostalgia etc. A very popular option in this category is the Bluestacks. Whichever emulator you choose to download, go on its official website to carry out the installation.
  1. Once you have downloaded the emulator you will get the icon for the same on the desktop. Click on the icon and go to the search option. Type in ‘Marble Legend’ and hit enter.
  1. You will get a list of different Marble Legend games or related games. Scroll through and choose the one that you were looking for.
  1. Once you find the right ‘Marble Legend’ game, click on install. The game will start downloading post which it will install on its own.

In the MyApps section of the emulator you will find the icon of the game. Click on the icon to open the game.