Download Angry Birds For PC

Angry Birds is probably one of the best success stories in the field of games and has also been considered to be the biggest runaway hit of the year 2010. No game in the past has received a response as great as this one. So famous is it that a movie is being speculated to be made on the basis of the game.

It was first launched in the market in December 2009 on an iOS platform. In 2012, the very popular game was launches on several other platforms like Windows, Android and Symbian.

Ever since it was first launched, the game has been highly appreciated by people of all ages and from all across the world. The game’s updated version has been made available to be played on the PC.

The game revolves around the angry birds getting their revenge from the pigs. They soar through the sky and smash the pigs out. This game involves physics based techniques which are to be employed to complete each level. Force, skill and logic will need to be applied at each and every level.

Features of Angry Birds

The game comes with some killer graphics. The background sound quality is simply amazing not to mention the catchy noise that each bird makes on being launched. The game features multiple levels and each level has a difficulty level which can be termed as medium.

Although the main objective of the game remains the same, it does get set in different scenarios just to add the element of fun and also to keep the player engaged.

Download Angry Birds for PC
Download Angry Birds for PC

A lot of the levels of the game are free in all of the versions of the game. To get the full game a payment needs to be made. In app purchases like the Mighty Eagle can also be made to help get over some tricky sections of the game; however it can be used only once every hour. Other aids include Super Seeds, King Sling and Birdquake.

Steps to Download Angry Birds For PC

1. An android emulator is needed before downloading the game on your PC. Bluestacks is a preferred emulator for the android games. So download it and then install it on your PC.

2. When the emulator is installed, the windows will begin to automatically restart.

3. Once the restarting of the windows is done with, open the Bluestacks software and look for the Angry Birds app using its search option.

4. Once you have located the game download it from the store.

5. Once the game has been downloaded, it usually gets installed automatically. In case this doesn’t take place, install the PC version one step at a time.

6. Once the entire process is complete, open the game and run it on your PC.
Downloading the game is very simple and barely consumes any time. The game however, will take up all of your time since you would not want to put it down at all. So go crazy and smash those pigs.